Geological studies focused on the evaluation of natural, mining resources. Geological exploration, topogeological mappings, reserve calculations, mineral quality studies. Environmental and Geotechnical studies. Due Diligence studies.

Industrial minerals

Our expertise extends to a wide range of minerals, including limestone, dolomite, gypsum, volcanic ashes, quartz, marbles, and high-quality clays, as well as critical minerals.

Natural Resource Consulting applied to Real Estate

Comprehensive land studies applied to the negotiation of properties with mining potential or natural resources in general. "Having a good base of information about a property allows establishing a solid and advantageous negotiation basis; with the possibility of valuing it appropriately."

What we offer:

  • Tailored Property Identification: We scour the nation to find properties that perfectly align with your vision, whether it's a recreational retreat, a vineyard, industrial minerals land, or anything in between.
  • Due Diligence: We meticulously analyze each property, scrutinizing legal and environmental risks to ensure your investment.
  • Natural Resources Assessments: We map and assess the potential of mineral, water, and forest resources, giving you a clear picture of the land's inherent value.